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Stoke PEV Solutions UK

Stoke Solutions Drop-in Kit

Stoke Solutions Drop-in Kit

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Tired of the limits of your Board?  Looking to step up your game with a new ESC using VESC® Software but not sure where to start? The Stoke Solutions Plug and Play kit takes the hassle out of diving in the deep end with custom controllers and makes it easier than a tire swap.

This new version of the Plug n' Play kit has been custom tailored to minimise the cost to you, while still maintaining the quality and reliability of the original Plug n' Play kit.

4-week Leadtime on all orders. 


  • Lil'FOCer V3.1 / Tronic 250R / ENNOID-ESC-MK6-150V
  • Custom Modified Stoke Solutions Controller Box
  • RangeBatt constructed battery pack
  • Modified VOW battery box enclosure / Torque Box
  • Pre-installed Stoke-Glow headlights
  • Flipsky / Ennoid BMS
  • Custom Cable Harness
  • Highly Water-resistant

In the Box:

  • Drop-in VESC® Compatible Hardware
  • 5A Charger matching your battery selection
  • Mounting Hardware (Screws and spacers)
  • Footpad vents (for XR
  • Full Instruction manual so you can learn how it works
  • 50cc's of steez

Why have you put the cost spreadsheet on the site?
While some other VEXR manufacturers prefer to squeeze money wherever it can be found, we make the best efforts to balance profit and cost. Our cost spreadsheet is intended to show in full transparency how much money it costs to make one of our kits as well as how much money we make per unit.
At Stoke Solutions, none of our partners make any money from the boards we repair, sell or convert, so we have no interest in squeezing cash out of customers. All of our profits are redistributed into R&D projects such as the Expedition Pro, Stoke Glows etc. 

Stoke Solutions UK Plug n' Play instructions PDF

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